Welcome to Alternacare, a specialty pharmacy providing Intravenous Total Parenteral Nutrition, IVIG, Enteral Nutrition, Antibiotics, Antifungals and Antivirals to patients at home.

Our staff includes a team of clinicians with more than 100 years of combined experience in the health care arena with a strong focus on home infusion therapy (click here for clinical profiles). We are committed to making your life at work easier and have clinicians with expertise in the following areas:

• Nutrition
• Infectious Disease
• Pediatrics
• Immune Deficiency

Each member of our team takes the time to get to know the patient’s needs and works to maintain close communication as to any changes that may happen during the course of therapy. Our managed care specialist communicates regularly to case managers regarding updates and changes in therapy.


Here are just a few of the services we provide. Alternacare is committed to staying on the forefront of new therapies. Our clinicians attend ongoing clinical educational seminars:

• Total Parenteral Nutrition
• Enteral Nutrition
• Antiviral
• Antifungal
• Remicade
• Antibiotic Therapy
• Pain Management

Real testimonials from our patients who turned to Alternacare for their homecare needs.

My son is now back in school and things are back to normal…Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy did a great job, made it easy and simple.
The father of patient L.C. Father
The services provided were excellent, great. The nurse was wonderful. She was very patient. The deliveries made by Alternacare were always on time.
C.Q. Patient C.Q.
I was really pleased with my service and if this ever happens again, I would like for Alternacare to provide my medications.
A.M. Antibiotic Patient
Locally owned, personable and professional staff, who provide experienced and competent care in the comfort of our patients’ homes.
M.C. Hospital Discharge Planner
The deliveries were perfect, services were flawless, outstanding, no problems what so ever. The nurses were patient and made my daughter feel at ease and comfortable.
Mother of Patient K.P. Mother