Alternacare’s Transition of Care Liaison Program: How Your Patients Can Benefit

When discharging a patient who will receive IV therapy at home, one of our liaisons will gladly visit the patient in the hospital prior to dismissal to help the transition of care from hospital to home flow more smoothly. The liaison will let your patient know what to expect, what equipment will be involved in the therapy and who will contact the patient. The liaison will also be sure that the patient has the pharmacy phone number in case a question or concern arises. The patient will be reassured that a nurse will meet him/her in the home to teach the patient how to use the medications and supplies. Insurance benefits may also be discussed prior to discharge. Liaisons are available in person in the Kansas City metropolitan area and by phone outside of the KC metro area. Patients will feel more relaxed and confident returning home after having spoken with Alternacare’s liaison.