The following are select testimonials from our patients who turned to Alternacare for their homecare needs. We also welcome any feedback, so feel free to comment below and we will feature your testimonial on this page.

“Alternacare provided excellent care and that she was very pleased. She completed our survey and rated Alternacare with excellent service regarding deliveries, pharmacy staff and overall.”

–Patient S.T.

“The deliveries were perfect, services were flawless, outstanding, no problems what so ever. The nurses were patient and made my daughter feel at ease and comfortable.”
–Mother of Patient K.P.

“The services provided were excellent, great. The nurse was wonderful. She was very patient. The deliveries made by Alternacare were always on time.”

— Patient C.Q.

“My son is now back in school and things are back to normal…Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy did a great job, made it easy and simple.”

— The father of patient L.C.

“I was really pleased with my service and if this
ever happens again, I would like for Alternacare to provide my medications.”

— Antibiotic Patient – A.M.

“Locally owned, personable and professional staff, who provide experienced and competent care in the comfort of our patients’ homes.”

— M.C., Hospital Discharge Planner

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful service you gave my son over the last year during his cancer treatment and recovery. The stellar care and training, professionalism, and courtesy demonstrated never ceased to amaze me. Even though my insurance changed, I maintained Alternacare as our provider, no matter the additional cost.

Lastly, we were additionally blessed financially by your generous billing decision. Please know the daily difference you make in the challenging lives of others does not go unappreciated or unnoticed. I am sure I speak for others when I say, “Thank You” for doing what you do with such grace and skill, allowing others to more easily tend to their struggles.

May God bless you as you have blessed your customers and our family.

P.S. My son is recovering well! Is off all meds and has begun running with his cross country team again.”

— K.M. of Blue Springs, MO

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