What is a Specialty Pharmacy?

 Did you know that Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy is a Specialty Pharmacy? In health care news recently, there has been much buzz about specialty pharmacies, but how does one define this term, Specialty Pharmacy? The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) in a recent publication entitled Format for Formulary Submission, version 3.1 defined Specialty Pharmacy as the following:

“Specialty pharmacies are distinct from traditional pharmacies in coordinating many aspects of patient care and disease management. They are designed to efficiently deliver medications with specialized handling, storage, and distribution requirements with standardized processes that permit economies of scale. Specialty pharmacies are also designed to improve clinical and economic outcomes for patients with complex, often chronic and rare conditions, with close contact and management by clinicians. Health care professionals employed by specialty pharmacies provide patient education, help ensure appropriate medication use, promote adherence, and attempt to avoid unnecessary costs. Other support systems coordinate sharing of information among clinicians treating patients and help patients locate resources to provide financial assistance with out of pocket expenditures.”

Specialty Pharmacies manage patients with chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease and immune disorders. Specialty Pharmacies dispense specialty drugs. A specialty drug most often meets the following criteria: high cost, administration by injection or infusion, use for chronic or rare diseases, and complex handling, storage, and/or distribution processes. Not only do Specialty Pharmacies like Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy specialize in the administration of specific medications, they also work to educate patients, conduct coordination regarding care, and manage inefficiencies related to the cost of providing a service in which the pharmacist and patient are much more collaborative and closely connected. Alternacare Infusion Pharmacy is equipped to handle complex conditions. Our pharmacists and nurses provide expert clinical care and support to our patients.

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